Library Board Liaison

A Denver Colorado native, David has a B.S. in Experimental Psychology and an MBA both earned at Colorado State University.

He has been an avid reader since the third grade when he “discovered” the Hardy Boys. This led to reading 100′s of series boys books.  The classics took over from there but were liberally mixed with science fiction, detective fiction and many of the best sellers.

While pursuing his original hobby of record collecting (the vinyl kind), he discovered the world of vintage paperbacks. Many of the most popular authors of today started by turning out original fiction for what were then 25 cent paperback books.  He has amassed a collection of these numbering in the thousands over the past 30 years and now spends many quiet hours reading the best of them.  David has been haunting the Book Outlet for many years and was honored to serve as President of the Friends of the Aurora Public Library for several years.

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