Volunteer Coordinator, Gail Arnert

Gail ArnertAlthough not particularly fond of cooking, Gail has a B.S. in Home Economics from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA.  Originally from Ohio, with a 19 year stopover in California, Gail came to Colorado in 1978 when Martin Marietta made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. She was an Industrial Security Manager and retired after 36 years in aerospace in March 2006.

She has been a Book Outlet volunteer since Jan 2006.  Always an avid reader she has a library of over 2000 books covering all genres with an emphasis in mystery, history and genealogy.  She’s also a genealogist, “collecting dead relatives” in America back to the 1600s on some of her lines, and getting lost in Germany because that old German is really hard to decipher.  She’s active in several genealogy societies.  While a member and officer of the now defunct Colorado Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, she compiled two volumes of the society’s bi-annual publication “Ohio to Colorado, Abstracts of Obituaries of Ohio Natives Published in Colorado Newspapers”.

She is the mother of two wonderful sons who have two wonderful wives and is patiently awaiting the arrival of grandchildren.