Annual Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Aurora Public Library
Annual Meeting
Monday, January 10, 2011


Call to Order:
President Origilio called the meeting to order at 10:58a.m.

David Origlio, Keith McGechie, Kathleen Leverett, Jean Dickinson, Dennis Kee, Janet Kee, Anna Milligan, Kathy Groth, Dale Lashnits, Patti Bateman,  Betty Bahr, Jackie Pritts, Mary Thayer, Gail Arnert, Judy Holtus

The January 2010 minutes were accepted and approved as written.

FAPL Board Election:
Dennis Kee, the candidate for the position of Vice President, was introduced.

A motion was made that the slate of officers be elected as presented. Motion seconded and approved unanimously. Officers for 2011 are:

President : David Origlio
Vice President: Dennis Kee
Secretary: Kathleen Leverett
Treasurer: Keith McGechie

Financial Report:
Income/Expense Report of 1/1/2010 – 12/31/2010 was reviewed.

The following items were highlighted:

  • Library Support totaled $51,000 – a banner year.
  • Book Sales: $72,378.17
  • Sales to BLogistics: $4,234.75
  • Memberships, new and renewing, brought in $5,440. FAPL currently enjoys a Membership base of 480.
  • Sales taxes paid to city/state/other: $5,878.07
  • Rent continues as our biggest expense: $25,350.00

Motion passed to submit the 2010 Year End Income/Expense Report to the record. It can be viewed at The Book Outlet.

Bylaws Change:

  • Motion passed unanimously to approve a change to Article III Membership, Section 4, deleting the words Surplus Distribution.
  • Motion passed unanimously to delete Article VII, Section 2
  • Motion passed unanimously to approve a change to Article V Board of Directors, Section 2, to revise the current wording to delete “the chairperson of each of the standing committees” and replace with “The Appointed Positions of Bookstore Manager, Historian, Membership, Publicity and Volunteer Coordinator”.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:09a.m.

Minutes Submitted by:
Kathleen Leverett, Secretary

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