Colorado Gives Day 2013

Dear FRIENDS Members:

As a member of the FRIENDS of the Aurora Public Library, you understand the importance of our mission to provide direct financial donations to the Aurora Public Library to help them continue to provide their outstanding programs and services for our community.  You are probably also a regular customer in our award winning used bookstore, The Book Outlet at 2243 South Peoria St. in Aurora.  We hope that you enjoyed our recent Member sale where you were able to receive a 50% discount on all your purchases that day.  Our inventory and prices simply can’t be beat not to mention our terrific volunteers!

Whether you are curled up with a cup of hot tea and a good book; reading a bedtime story to your kids or grand-kids; sharing a joke book with close friends or just admiring your book collection, the FRIENDS and The Book Outlet are an important part of your lives.

The Aurora Public Library has been severely impacted by budget cuts, staff layoffs and library closures in the last several years.  In 2012, the Aurora Public Library had a materials budget of only $1.11 per capita.  This pales in comparison to surrounding cities and library districts of similar size in Colorado, like Arapahoe ($11.25 per capita) and Douglas ($12.33 per capita).  These numbers are taken from the Colorado Public Library Annual Report produced by the Library Research Service unit of the Colorado State Library.

On Tuesday, December 10, 2013, a statewide initiative called Colorado Gives Day will take place.  This 24-hour period to “Give Where You Live” is sponsored by Community First Foundation and FirstBank to increase philanthropy in Colorado by providing comprehensive, objective and up-to-date information about Colorado charities and an easy way to support them online through a secure website –

In 2012, over 1,200 non-profits throughout the state gathered over $15.4 million in donations on Colorado Gives Day.  100% of all donations made on Colorado Gives Day go directly to the non-profit as all credit card processing fees are paid for by Community First Foundation and a host of other generous partners.  In addition, FirstBank sponsors an Incentive Fund (for 2013, it is $250,000!) that is distributed proportionately to all non-profits based on the amount of donations they receive on Colorado Gives Day.  This brought the total in 2012 to $15.7 million!!

Last year, the FRIENDS of the Aurora Public Library participated in Colorado Gives Day for the first time and we were astonished at the response – nearly $1,000 in donations in just 24 hours!  We are excited to participate again this year and we’d like to do even better in 2013.  You can find our comprehensive profile at

through this link, you can pre-schedule your donation now so that it occurs on Colorado Gives Day,
December 10, 2013.  Make sure that you check the box that says “Schedule a Donation for Colorado Gives Day 12/10/13?”

We understand that charitable giving is a very personal choice and many of us have our favorite non-profits that we give to each year without fail.  And the needs this year seem to be even greater – with natural disasters so close to home as well as on the other side of the world.  Whether you choose to support our efforts on behalf of the FRIENDS of the Aurora Public Library or use this opportunity to make or increase your own donations to the charity of your choice, we encourage you to learn more about Colorado Gives Day and see if your favorite non-profit is participating.  Your donation will go further during this 24-hour period and will mean so much to the non-profit.

Locally, you are sure to see lots of publicity about Colorado Gives Day in the next few weeks – it’s

already started on some TV stations.  So now you know what it is all about and can decide for yourselves how you want to participate.

Any support you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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