Sign of the tomes: Little Aurora libraries popping up

Little LibraryThat’s what the Aurora Public Library will be encouraging residents to do come September when it installs four little libraries in public parks across the city. The miniature, glass-paned cupboards will be home to 20-50 books at a time and employ a “take a book, leave a book” honor system, where the borrower is expected to either return the book within a reasonable time frame, or replace it with another, at no cost to the borrower.

The first four of these tiny collections will be installed in public parks in North and South Aurora during the first week of September, and planned to be available for public use roughly two weeks after. The opening of the program in Aurora purposely coincides with this year’s “Outside the Lines” celebration, a week-long program recognized by libraries across the country to help promote and demonstrate, “the creativity and innovation happening in libraries,” according to the Outside the Lines website.

Read the full article @ The Aurora Sentinel.

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