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We are having our last Members Sale of the year. It is October 31 from 10am to 4pm. Yes I know it is Halloween. Look for us to be giving out Halloween books to the kiddos (and maybe some sugar as well). Come on in and stock up. Winter is coming and it might be a snowy one.

We have a new section that we are trying out. It is called Media Fiction and can be found on a shelf just to the left of the registers. It will contain any books we have for TV or movies that are currently out as well as soon to be released. Look for it to expand to books covering that last few years as well. Come on in and check it out. Let me know what you think.

A big Thank You goes out to all that brought in bags. We are set for a while now.

Colorado Gives Day,, is coming up fast. It is a one day event that you can make an on-line donation to our store. Based on how much is donated we could be eligible for a portion of incentive money. You can even go online and schedule the donation as early as November 1 or make the donation on the day of the event. So if you want to donate but are worried you might forget, go online to Just be sure to make sure you schedule the donation for December 8, 2015.

We are still looking for anyone interested in participating on the Friends of the Aurora Public Library Board. The positions of President and Secretary are open as of the first of the year. Come and get involved! This board is not to be confused with the Aurora Public Library Board. This is just our organization. Come help us determine the direction of the organization and the store.

And lastly…. Please remember to renew your membership when it comes time. It may not seem like much but those membership costs add up and help to increase the amount we are able to donate to the library. We were just able to donate another $10,000 bringing this years donations to $30,000!. Just to put that into prospective it brings our 25 year total to a whopping $771,700!! We also have a donation box at the register so if you would like to contribute your change please feel free.

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