Minutes of the 2016 FAPL Annual Meeting

Monday, January 11, 2016
Central Library, Small Community Room

Call to Order
President Turner  called the Annual meeting to order at 11:01a.m.

Kathy Turner,  Don Cook,  Kathleen Leverett, Royal Maxwell,  Ruth Martin, David Origlio, Gail Arnert, Elsie Lacy, Mary Mollicone  Also: Members&/or Volunteers Diane Danielson, Linda Roberts,Sheryl Eddings, Debbie McCrossen, Sherrie Briggs, Joan Heinen, Barbara Veto, Jackie Pritts, Kathryn Falco, Helen Fox, Karen Spence, Barbara Loustalet, Joyce Keegan, Wendy Flax, Francine Ikerd, Anna Milligan,  Keith McGechie, Steve Wasiecko

Motion made by Elsie Lacy,  a second was offered and the Board approved  unanimously the official acceptance of the  Minutes of the January 2015 Annual.

The Income and Income Report of the year 2015 was reviewed. In brief:

Total Income:      $84,285.15

Expenses               $36,634.12  rent, taxes, miscellaneous operating expenses

Profit                      $47,651.03, of which $40,000 was contributed to APL

(BookNook at Library        $2,703.98)

*Memberships, new and renewing, brought in over $7000.   The FRIENDS currently enjoy  a Membership base of over 534,which represents 595 members.

*In operation just over one year, online book sales  garnered  net revenues in the amount of $4.026.96,  on the sale of 129 items.

*Donations in 2015 totaled $3365.56, of which $1483.57 was donated on December 8, Colorado Gives Day.

It was with pleasure that the Treasurer announced that The FRIENDS submitted 2015 support to the Aurora Public Library in the amount of $40,000.

The 2015 Year end Income and Expense Reports will be submitted to the record, subject to audit.

By-Law Changes


Board Elections
The two Board positions up for election were President and Secretary, the incumbents declining to stand for re-election.  President Turner  read the slate of candidates running, per the Nominating Committee  There being no opposition, President Turner called for nominations from the floor for President.  There being none, a motion was make to to accept Elsie Lacy as President. The motion was  seconded and the motion was carried unanimously. President Turner called for nominations from the floor for Secretary.  There being none, a motion was made to accept Diane Danielson as Secretary. The motion was seconded and the motion was carried unanimously. These officers will serve a two-year term.                                 

From the President
President Lacy and Past President Turner distributed Certificates of Recognition to the Volunteers present. Many thanks were extended to the loyal group of  approximately 45 individuals, without whom the Mission of the FRIENDS could not be met.

Elsie Lacy moved to adjourn, Mary Mollicone seconded and and the meeting was adjourned at 11:13 a.m.

Minutes Submitted by Kathleen Leverett, Secretary

The Mission of the Friends of the Aurora Public Library is to support the ongoing programs and services of the Aurora Public Library with financial donations and to celebrate the lifetime joys of reading by offering a wide variety of low cost books and other media in a vibrant, well organized atmosphere. The Friends provide knowledgeable, caring volunteers to assist customers.


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