Friends Book Bingo

Book Bingo!
Just for fun – and to encourage you to buy more books and try different authors – FAPL is hosting a Book Bingo game from Aug 1 to Dec16.   FAPL Members and non-members can play.  Here’s how it works:

  • Pick up a Book Bingo card and the full set of rules at the front desk next time you’re in FAPL.
  • Buy a book whose author’s last name starts with one of the letters on your card, and a cashier will stamp that square for you.
  • And did I mention there are prizes?!  If you get all 25 squares stamped, earn a $15 FAPL gift certificate; 20 – 24 squares stamped earn a $10 FAPL gift certificate; and all cards with at least 5 squares stamped are eligible for drawings we’ll have in December.
  • Limit to one gift certificate per person, but you can keep playing and get another card to enter the drawing as often as you like, though we will be limiting prizes to one per person as well.
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