It’s Sherlock Holmes Day!

On this day, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday, we celebrate the great sleuth Sherlock Holmes — read more about this special day here.

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Audio Books!!

Did you know we have audio books at the store? In cassette and CD — we have quite the selection right now, so stop by and see what we have.

if you are looking for newer or digital options, check out our store on

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Fire Demonstration

The photos in the Home for the Holidays box included some from a Fire School from October 1960.

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Happy Mother’s Day

We thought we would share a few photos from #HfC1955 that seem to fit the day.

Cheryl Stuhr 4 weeks old
Grandma Dahlkoetter
Grandmother Greunke

captions are the best I can translate from what is written on the back of the photos.

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A few more pictures from the Home for Christmas box

#HfC1955 in the lovely box of photos there was an envelope with some pictures from Germany! I would love to share what the inscriptions on the back say, but they are in German script, and even my husband (who does read some German) was unable to translate.

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