Immediate Past President

Sherrie Briggs is the was President of the Friends of the Aurora Public Library (FAPL) Board.

She is originally from a small town in upstate New York but moved to Colorado in 1974 so she considers herself a native now. She worked for the U.S. Air Force for 37 years before she retired in 2011.  She has two sons, three grand-daughters and one grand-son that she gets to spend some quality time with now that she’s retired.

While she was working her regular job she also volunteered to be the President of the Civilian Welfare Fund (similar to the military MWR service) that served a population of approximately 3,000 employees before all the government downsizing happened. She helped plan and manage so many fun activities that benefitted the employees and now she’d like to get more involved in the Friends of the Aurora Public Library and expand our realm of possibilities and community outreach in conjunction with the Aurora Public Library.

She became a volunteer at the Book Outlet in 2013 and since that time she has worked at least once a week as a cashier and is responsible for three book sections in the store. She was the Vice-President of the Friends Board in 2017, and served as President for 2018 -2019.

There have been so many wonderful changes at the Book Outlet since she began volunteering there in 2013. We have such a great crew of volunteers.  Please stop in for a look around when you get a chance.  You’ll be amazed at our prices and the quality of our books.