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Did you see the video from last year? Was it Bigfoot? There is a new book out exploring this phenomenon. Believe it or not…

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New Books to explore!

Looking to find some books about women in their golden years doing stuff, being strong, proving they aren’t dead yet? Try out some of these gems. (from NPR book reviews)

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DUNE – a great book that has a few adaptations to screen in its history. Now, there is a new book coming out that details the first adaptation to screen. interested? you can preorder the book here: and you … Continue reading

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Tom Hanks has a new book

Tom Hanks – known for his movies, has a book! It sounds great, because, well, its from Tom Hanks. NPR has a short clip about it:…/tom-hanks-has-starred-in-dozens… And you can pick it up here:

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Asian Heritage Month

We are an affiliate with, and have a selection of books where we will earn a percentage if you choose to buy from them. Check it out here: Kids Books @

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